The ITIL Process Map V3 is a complete reference process model compatible with the new ITIL Version 3, designed to serve as a guideline and starting point for your ITIL and ISO 20000 initiatives.

A fresh approach to ITIL: The ITIL Process Map V3 is a 'translation' of ITIL V3 into legible, easy to read process maps in Visio and other process management platforms. The ITIL process model explains how ITIL really works and does away with the need to sift through the ITIL V3 books with thousands of pages.

There is one big challenge right at the beginning of any ISO 20000 project: It is not quite clear what exactly you need to do in order to become compliant with ISO 20000. This is where the ITIL - ISO 20000 Bridge comes to the rescue. For every ISO 20000 requirement you get a specific suggestion on how it can be fulfilled, in the form of easy to understand process and document templates.

ITIL V3 Reference Processes